JR Fisher Digital Cash Academy

JR Fisher Digital Cash Academy

JR Fisher Digital Cash Academy | 7.8 GB

Behind-The-Scenes Look At The E-commerce System I Used To Consistently Earn Multi-Millions In Sales For The Past 7 Years

What You’ll Learn inside Digital Cash Academy

  • How I Use An Ingenious Little System And Only Spend $10/day To Uncover Super Profitable Products
  • How To Never Worry About Product Development, Inventory or Risk – Get Sales From Thousands of Products Without Touching Them!
  • LIVE CASE STUDY – How I Started Testing A Product With $5/day And Ended Up Selling Over $41,000 Worth Of Inventory

How it Works?

As r???rt?? in the ???? study,– Digital Cash Academy ??n???t? ?f an 5 Simple Steps Training ?r?gr?m that r??ult? in our ?-??mm?r?? websites with ?n average 5% ??nv?r???n rate on ?r??u?t sales. ??? steps are ?? follows:

? Hand-Pick ? Product.

??r?,– you ?r? instructed in ??w to pick ???ul?r products that n?t only sell w?ll, but ?r? highly adaptable t? social media ?l?tf?rm?, have ??g? profit margins, an approachable ?r??? point, ?t?. Example ?r??u?t? to sell ?n? to avoid ?r? shown.

? Install Your ?t?r?.

– “Test b???” are discussed ?? a way t? test products f?r their potential t? make money. In essence, you set u? “rough-hewn” test w?b??t?? and check t???r traffic and ??nv?r???n rates early ?n. The w?b??t?? with the b??t numbers are k??t and the ?t??r? are scrapped.

? Identify ??ur Buyers.

– ??u identify your t?rg?t demographic for ??ur product and t??n craft your ??? to that ??m?gr?????. The ?r?gr?m also introduces ??u to the ‘?u???n?? Matrix,’ ? tactic for ???nt?f??ng who is m??t likely to bu? your product(s).

? ?n?t??t? Traffic Machine.

– Here, ??u balance the ???t of your ??v?rt???ng against product ??l?? and find t?? optimal formula w??r? you spend t?? least ad m?n?? for the m??t product sales. A “top-secret, number-crunching advertising ?u??r-??m?ut?r,” called Vul??n, is ?ntr??u???.

Digital Cash Academy ?? ?l?? the “secret w????n” mentioned earlier, and one ?f the main ???nt? of The Digital Cash Academy System f?r 2017.

? Optimize ??nv?r???n?.

– You ??t?m?z? product sales b? trying different selling tactics, ?n?lu??ng using different ?r???ng/??????ng models, tr??ng different ad t???? and retargeting, refining the t?rg?t audience, t??t?ng different website ????gn?, leveraging t?? buyer email l??t, etc.

? Launch ??ur Super Funnel.

– The super funn?l, as ????r?b?? by the ?r?gr?m, consists ?f launching optimized ??l?? pages to ??ur audience that ???tur? its attention ?n? wallets.

? Rinse & R????t.

– Here, The Digital Cash Academy ?r?gr?m t?ll? you that ??u should shoot f?r a “modest” g??l of making $101,813.05 ?n His First 86 Days With ?r?n? New Ecommerce ?t?r?.



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